New Standards in
Urban Development

About the Company

Boulevard creates the Tel Aviv of tomorrow and sets new standards of luxury urban development. Rooted in Tel Aviv’s rich architectural heritage, while influenced by its dynamic fabric and cosmopolitan lifestyle, Boulevard aims to craft remarkable developments that endure. The company is guided by strong values such as strict adherence to quality, excellence, and superior service in all aspects of property development.

Our Vision

Boulevard plays an essential role in the urban renewal of one of the most vibrant and fast-developing cities in the world. Based on years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the city, fused with a clear vision of our clients needs, we aim to create tailor-made living spaces, that are meticulously uncompromising. This is evident in every detail of our projects, in our aspiration to perfection in planning, execution, and performance, from the construction stage to the handover.

The Management

  • Shai Polonski

  • Zafrir Giladi
    Deputy CEO and CFO

  • Shay David
    VP Projects

  • Rotem Tamir
    Sales & Marketing Director

  • Orly Smolarz, ADV.
    Legal Advisor

  • Iris Saban, ADV.
    Legal Advisor

  • Shaul Meidan
    Marketing & Advertising

  • Sarah Grinshtein
    Planning Coordination

  • Katy Zoobok
    Operation & Engineering

  • Netta Klainer
    Office Manager

  • Erica Solomon
    Accounts Manager

  • Keren Ninyo
    Accounts Manager

  • Meidan Leibovich
    Engineering and Project Manager

News & Press

  • The MarkerAugust 2022

    Urban renewal in Tel Aviv: “A professional and experienced developer knows how to protect residents’ interests”

    Shai Polonsky, CEO of Boulevard: “Choosing a reliable, professional and experienced company for the TAMA-38 project will maximize the chances of the project’s success—and enable the apartment owners to advance safely and with peace of mind.”

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  • GlobesMarch 2019

    Erekh Ir (“City Value”) is a real-estate venture that links people with each other, and with Tel Aviv

    The urban renewal project Erekh Ir consists of ten seven- or eight-story buildings of a uniform design, to be erected in the center of Tel Aviv. At the launch event, the project’s CEO explained that the governing guideline was the interaction between the individual and the community, and what the city has to offer. “The customer can choose from a selection of hundreds of apartments on various streets, each location with its own appeal.”

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  • GlobesJune 2020

    What does the luxury apartment market in Tel Aviv look like in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic?

    According to Shai Polonsky, CEO of the real-estate developer Boulevard, the market is currently returning to the familiar pre-pandemic status, but design-wise, various adjustments have had to be made in the projects. “We are considering technological upgrades of the domestic systems, to accommodate, at the architectural design stage, the possibilities of working from home, as well as providing advanced concierge services.”

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  • GlobesSeptember 2020

    How is luxury defined? The case of small apartments in the Old North of Tel Aviv

    Small apartments are usually not perceived as prestigious. A product story with an innovative concept—such as a unique interior design, or an appeal to values such as sustainability and communal living—helps to present them as such.

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Supporting the Community

  • Eitan Association

    The Eitan Association empowers special people through professional fitness training. Today, Eitan has hundreds of trainees all over the country, most of them on the autism spectrum at various levels of functioning. The project is led by a supportive family of certified trainers and senior therapists in the world of special needs, in the world of physical fitness, and in the world of coaching.

  • The Israel Cancer Association

    The Israel Cancer Association leads the fight against cancer in Israel, and works on all fronts to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality in Israel.

  • AKIM

    AKIM Israel is the national organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Person-oriented, it represents people with intellectual disabilities and their families, while protecting their rights and freedoms.

  • Latet Tikvah

    Latet Tikvah (“Giving Hope”) organization—a national center for providing help and assistance to children—was established in 2002 as a voluntary organization with the aim of assisting children with serious illnesses and their families cope with the disease.

  • The Michael Levin Lone Soldiers Center

    The Michael Levin Lone Soldiers Center was established in 2009 by a group of discharged lone soldiers who, during their military service, had received assistance from Tziki Ud and noted the difficulties and needs of lone soldiers.