Resonant Walls

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Resonant Walls

“Fashion has entered the design world with clear intent,” explains furniture designer Marta Sala, who recently collaborated with the fashion brand Hermès , in reference to the clear strategic advantage provided by that initiative. Be it through collaborations with designers and world-renowned brands in the industry or independently, an increasing number of fashion houses have been establishing a presence in the interior and space design industry by developing collections and products that represent the aesthetics identified with the brand.

The encroachment from one design profession into another is not surprising. Besides its financial advantages, it reflects a broad and influential trend based on the notion of holistic design, and the aspiration to create a lifestyle and environment that implement values in a more “complete,” and less “specific” manner. The fashion world—known for its ability to respond quickly to current events and emerging trends, is now developing a new relationship with the consumer by entering the home space. Collections that include furniture, textiles, decorative objects and other items for the space echo visual and conceptual elements that were first revealed on the runways at fashion weeks,  and shed light on various trends such as Neo-Nomadism, phygitality (bridging between the physical and digital domains), the return to handicrafts, reduction and sustainability. Be it in the use of a distinct palette, new prints or materials, trends from the fashion world are now translating into innovative and intriguing furniture collections.

The Visionary

Stella McCartney
Filippo Fior /
Xavier Corber – Fendi casa
Armando Grillo /
Fendi Casa, Atelier OÏ
Adrien Dirand/Owenscorp
Isidore Montag /
Luciano Romano
Valentina Sommariva
Alessandro Lucioni /
Philip Messmann
Raf Simons