The Boulevard Standard

We partner with leading
global brands

Boulevard’s standard with regard to planning, design, and construction is rare in the local market. The group of luxury brands incorporated into the projects are the hallmark and seal of distinct quality of each and every project. Boulevard makes sure to work with brands that complement the service experience that it provides, crafting the ultimate tailored space.

Boundless Creativity

Boulevard's league of
Selected architects

  • Gidi Bar Orian

    Bar Orian Architects was established in 1990 by architects Tal and Gidi Bar Orian. Over the years, the firm has established itself as one of the leading firms in the field of urban renewal in Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

  • Ilan Pivko

    Pivko Architects engages with a wide range of areas: zoning, and design of residential complexes and apartment towers, hotels and public buildings, single-family dwellings, and offices. The firm also handles real estate development, interior design, and product design.

  • Neuman Hayner Architects

    Neuman Hayner Architects is a synergetic joining of forces between the architects Sharon Neuman and Iftah Hayner, creating a highly experienced, enterprising and energetic firm. The firm’s projects, both in Israel and abroad, are characterized by aesthetics which draws its inspiration from various sources yet remains functional.Strong emphasis is placed on formulating an original narrative and developing it into details, conceptual planning and climate aspects, and all with flexible thinking and planning clarity while meeting budget and timetable goals.

  • Studio Yanai Fryszer Guttman

    Specializing in Architecture and interior design in the private and commercial sector, the works of Fryszer introduce a high-end approach to design, integrating a minimal signature, and a study of textures, composition and color. Fryszer likes to express modern ideas and design-forward materials, while making sure the final product remains timeless.

  • David Lebenthal Architects

    David Lebenthal Architecture offers a comprehensive design strategy, from planning until the final fittings of every space. With a great attention to detail and love for meticulous work, the studio offers a unique approach to design that integrates architecture, interior design and styling.

THE Boulevard Benchmark

Our exclusive step-by-step
evaluation tool

Benchmark is an exclusive Boulevard product offering tools for measuring, evaluating, and analyzing the current status of the project, every step of the way. Boulevard’s advisors provide tracking of short and long-term goals, and help create a smooth and secure path to the final realization of the project.

  1. Preliminary research
    & permit management

    • Obtaining an information file for permit application
    • Applying for a permit
    • Committee decision for a conditional permit
    • Building permit
  2. Demolition
    & Construction work

    • Demolition of old building
    • Construction of parking basements
    • Construction of structural fram
  3. Interior design
    & finishes

    • Interior and exterior fit-outs
  4. Approvals
    & apartment handover

    • Occupancy permit
    • Apartment handover

Every Step of the Way

We provide a package of
personal service to each customer

We believe that the process—from selection of vendors through the design and construction of the project to the point of handover of the apartments—should be conducted jointly with you, the apartment owners, tailoring a bespoke design in line with your personal needs and requirements. We understand that this is a time of excitement mixed with uncertainty, so we spare no efforts to give each and every one of you peace of mind and security through a supportive, readily available and efficient package of personal service.

  • Continuous updates
    on design and
    construction status

  • Help in moving and
    finding alternative

  • Design by leading
    architects and
    interior designers

  • Help with procedural paperwork
    and coordination of steps
    vis-à-vis the authorities

The Boulevard Standard