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  • The MarkerAugust 2022

    Urban renewal in Tel Aviv: “A professional and experienced developer knows how to protect residents’ interests”

    Shai Polonsky, CEO of Boulevard: “Choosing a reliable, professional and experienced company for the TAMA-38 project will maximize the chances of the project’s success—and enable the apartment owners to advance safely and with peace of mind.”

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  • GlobesMarch 2019

    Erekh Ir (“City Value”) is a real-estate venture that links people with each other, and with Tel Aviv

    The urban renewal project Erekh Ir consists of ten seven- or eight-story buildings of a uniform design, to be erected in the center of Tel Aviv. At the launch event, the project’s CEO explained that the governing guideline was the interaction between the individual and the community, and what the city has to offer. “The customer can choose from a selection of hundreds of apartments on various streets, each location with its own appeal.”

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  • GlobesJune 2020

    What does the luxury apartment market in Tel Aviv look like in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic?

    According to Shai Polonsky, CEO of the real-estate developer Boulevard, the market is currently returning to the familiar pre-pandemic status, but design-wise, various adjustments have had to be made in the projects. “We are considering technological upgrades of the domestic systems, to accommodate, at the architectural design stage, the possibilities of working from home, as well as providing advanced concierge services.”

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  • GlobesSeptember 2020

    How is luxury defined? The case of small apartments in the Old North of Tel Aviv

    Small apartments are usually not perceived as prestigious. A product story with an innovative concept—such as a unique interior design, or an appeal to values such as sustainability and communal living—helps to present them as such.

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  • YnetMarch 2022

    A solution to lack of parking in Tel Aviv? New project offers free parking in ten private parking lots

    First publication: The real-estate companies Boulevard and White City Buildings will build ten TAMA-38 projects in the center and Old North sections of the city—which will be managed as a single project. Residents of the buildings will benefit from shared management and infrastructure services, such as shared use of vehicle parking spaces across all the buildings, on an available- space basis.

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  • YnetFebruary 2018

    A visit to the Jaffa on the Boulevard project with Ilan Pivko

    The Jaffa on the Boulevard project, situated at the southern end of Jerusalem Boulevard in Jaffa, is progressing toward occupancy in the coming year. Prices: NIS 2.5 million for a 2-bedroom apartment. We toured the site with project architect, Ilan Pivko, and heard how Jaffa of yesteryear fits in with the new project.

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